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Week 10. New digital methods reducing budgets

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qC5KtatMcUw   During COVID are looking at a number of “mixed reality” techniques to bring down the VFX and production budgets. We were initially looking at creating a full MR version of the film (and we still havent given up hope!) but we have found that using elements of the same technology- AR/VR, LED walls, […]

Week 08. Stage 23 VFX

                                          Some people have asked who created the wonderful demon we shared last week. Well the work is being done by Stage 23 under the watchful eye of director Christian Debney and Jonathan Hairman. http://www.stage23.com.au/ Stage 23 is based out of fox studios in Sydney and currently “working from home” locations around Sydney and beyond. […]

Week 07. The Demon!

This is an update on the pre-production 3D work being conducted by the Stage 23 team at Fox Studio. We were wondering whether to show the working of the Demon so early.But having employed the skills of world renowned 3D zbrush artist Maarten Verhoven …we couldn’t resist… and besides jaws is scary because although we […]

Week 05. Keeping your distance

Budgets post COVID-19 will likely be smaller with production methods needing to be streamlined and scripts adjusted to allow for social distancing. Encircled was lucky it had been developed as a project that could allow for the capturing of characters in a volumetric rig or dome so the transition to production with social distancing was […]


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