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This is an update on the pre-production 3D work being conducted by the Stage 23 team at Fox Studio.

We were wondering whether to show the working of the Demon so early.
having employed the skills of world renowned 3D zbrush artist Maarten Verhoven …we couldn’t resist… and besides jaws is scary because although we don’t see the shark (until the end) we know all about its teeth!

A 15ft powerhouse of muscle and sinew armed with sharp teeth and claws. These early concepts and reference boards show the thinking… It’s very handy having a director that can do his own 3D, no where near the level of Maarten in terms of figurative sculpture but Christian plays with the 3D sketches, extending arms and legs, moving horns, giving the talented zbrush artist something to go off.

We felt this one was a bit too dog like, too hunched up. The brief from the director was for it too feel like a blind, confused man that’s in constant pain, has been tortured all its life, its only respite is to lash out and attack anything in its way. It hunts its prey on sound and smell, its claws CLACK CLACK CLACK… letting its prey know its coming, almost like playing with its food.

This one is starting to feel closer to the Directors vision and will be the model used for the extensive 3D previz over the coming months.

Benefit of lockdown  is more planning, more previz more 3D.
Hitchcock quote: Hitchcock once said, “Everything is decided on paper… I think a film should be made on paper ahead of time.”

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