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On the 13th March production in Australia ground to a halt.  One month later and following many phonecalls, zoom meetings and the odd chat over the fence the Encircled feature film was green-lit on a slightly reduced budget (the AR/VR versions on hold) in addition to a significant proportion deferred for the moment.  We decided to start in a slightly "back to front way" due to the COVID-19 pandemic that was threatening the world... VFX will be first, while we play catch up with casting.   Some of our actors are unlikely to be able to be here for the shoot now that the country is locked down so we will look again at some of the roles.  Its an exciting time... an unprecedented time and the strong committed team of people I have gathered believe in this project and with us all working together we create a great experience for the audience.  The 15th April contracts were signed and deals closed... Encircled was introduced to the world and we officially moved in to pre--production."
Ross Howden

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